3 Bad Working Habits To Quit Before Growing Your Career

Have you been slacking off at the office? Do you feel like your career is going nowhere? SAME. We totally get it! Sure, it’s okay if it happens once a while, we all experience the work blues from time to time.

But if it happens too often, you may be stuck with bad work habits that you need to quit ASAP!

1. Putting off your most important work until later in the day

woman sitting on yellow armless chair near gray laptop computer

Procrastination does nothing good for anyone! We’d usually do the easier and unimportant tasks at the start of the day while the harder tasks will be left for later. But researchers found that people’s limited amount of willpower decreases throughout the day. Best to start with the most difficult task or you may just end up not finishing up your to-do list!

2. Distracted with social media 

man and woman siting on sofa chair inside room

If your office allows you to check your social media during working hours, this might just cause you to slack off. We have the tendency to refresh our feed every 15 minutes. But don’t abuse this privilege, it’ll just backtrack all your work and land you in trouble with the boss.

3. Not replying emails/messages 

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Simply because you’re not in the mood. There’s a reason that email is sent to you and can affect someone else’s work. Don’t be that b*tch that someone despises all because of an email. It only takes a few minutes of your time, so reply that email!