2019 Raya Fashion Trends You Should Really Look Out For

One of the best things about the festive season is figuring out what to wear. While regular people have spring and summer fashion trends, in Malaysia, we have Raya fashion trends to look out for!

This year, Raya fashion is back and bigger than ever. So many gorgeous designs graced the runway, it’s impossible to pick just one! Luckily, there’s more than just one day of Raya which means you can wear more than one outfit, right?

Just a month before Raya begins, let’s take a look at the best Raya fashion trends we’ve seen so far.

1. Oversized Baju Melayu

Once upon a time, Behati broke the Internet with their monster-sized Baju Melayu reveal. Most people were frazzled, but we get it, right? An oversized Baju Melayu would be as comfortable as a boyfriend tee on a girl. These Baju Melayu are huge, mirroring the style of a kaftan. It’s so different from the usual tight-fitting designs.

2. Primary colours

Vibrant, bright colours seem to take the crown from their pastel peers this Raya. Check out these absolutely gorgeous modern baju kurung by Fazbulous to feed your Instagram timeline. Choose from an assortment of navy blue, emerald green, sunshine yellow, burnt orange and scarlet red embellished with extra details. Need a pocket, some ruffles and jewels? You got it!

3. Lace details

Dainty and feminine, lace details are trending this season. Fashionvalet has a selection of lacey beauties that’ll make your Raya OOTD from brands like Alia B. and KREE. Most of these baju are in neutral colours and they’re perfect for any girl who wants to show off her feminine side during the festive season.

4. Embellishments

Fiziwoo’s delightful Raya collection features modern baju kebaya and baju kurung embellished with shimmery jewels. A bonus mention would be broad shoulder pads, which give the wearer a more dominant appearance. If you’ve got any formal events this festive season, you could probably check this trend out.

5. Asymmetrical prints

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We would say that this is the most “Met Gala” appropriate Raya fashion trend. Bernard Chandran features asymmetrical prints for their Petang Raya collection. If you want to stand out and be the “cool aunty” at a Raya open house, then you know which baju will help you out in that department.

Which is your favourite Raya fashion trend? Let us know in the comments below!