19yo Malaysian Actress, Exposed For Having Affair With Married Man, Apologises For Being “Naive”

Alya Iman, who found herself in hot water after being called out for having an affair with a married businessman, has now apologised.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the youngest daughter of the late veteran actor Azmil Mustapha, has addressed the hate that has been thrown her way for the past week. She shares,


I accept all the advice, criticism, satire and slander as something that will help me mature. I admit that I have made mistakes in the past. But I am confident in God. I will pray and work towards a life that is blessed God.”


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Alya’s apology follows a string of accusations & allegations. Amongst these is the speculation that the young actress has been in a relationship with a famous local comedian and that one her ex’s has spent RM2.3 million on her. However, the accusation that she has had an affair with a rich businessman was exposed  (and thus proven true) in a series of angry Instagram stories by the wife of said businessman (of whom we shall refer to as “P“). P called Alya a “homewrecker” that has been “living in luxury” for a whole year off of her husband’s money.


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After finding out about their affair in June, P shared proof that the items that Alya had been flaunting (branded bags and watches) were in fact, paid for by her husband. She also shared screenshots of her conversation with Alya, who had attempted to clarify that there was actually nothing going on. P was having none of it, though, saying that Alya’s sins will come back to haunt her.


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Alya, who released a statement at the time, tried to defend herself by explaining that she was under the impression that the businessman had gotten P‘s blessing for him to marry Alya as his second wife. The actress said,


It’s true. On 27th of February at 8PM, I was engaged to a 30-year-old individual whose status is married and has two children. The event was held in private with only my family and close friends in attendance. Prior to that, I was told that his wife had agreed for me to be his second wife. I called off the engagement after finding out that our relationship was against his wife’s will. I’ve also returned all the gifts that he gave me because I felt guilty. I accept the consequences of everything that has happened because I believe in the power of God the Almighty. I really hope that everyone will give me support, encouragement and pray for me so that I can handle this matter well. Indeed, I believe that this is a process for me to be more mature. Therefore, I apologise to those who have been affected by my past mistake.”


Not long after Alya released her statement, was quick to point out discrepancies in Alya’s statement and chiding the 19-year-old for failing to cross-check her facts before issuing a statement.”


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As of yet, even the businessman in question, M, has come out with an apology and a statement. Taking to his Instagram account, the 30-year-old who had the affair with Alya apologised to his wife via Instagram Live and stated that he will be taking legal action – and is in the midst of consulting with his lawyers – against false accusations and slanderous comments from the public, who have been weighing in on his relationship with his wife and Alya. He also posted a picture, captioning the image with pleas for members of the public to leave him and his family alone.







“After 2 days of allowing all of you to leave your comments in the space provided, I’ve had enough of all the advice, slander, and even insulting words left by all of you. I am grateful for your concern for my family. 

So, enough with all the negative comments on my social media and also my wife’s. Please have some respect for us. Every human being makes mistakes.

Once again, thank you to all netizens & Malaysian citizens for your concern.”