15 Bittersweet 90s Flirting Tactics That Will Make You Cringe Today

Let’s face it, flirting doesn’t come easily to everyone, and in a world before the digital age, it was even harder as we had limited tools to use.

The absence of technology meant that we had to resort to various creative tricks that were so lame but when you think about it now, they were also the best memories you’ve had of your childhood.

Did you use any of these archaic methods to woo the object of your affection back in the 90s? Raise your hands if you’re guilty!

1. The magical fortune telling paper

Forecasting your friend’s life partner using a paper fortune teller!

2. Discovering if you are meant to be with your crush by counting your names together

Because numerology rocks, y’all.

3. Writing your crush’s name on your desk or textbook

This is not really flirting, but more like calling dibs!

 4. The MSN notification hack

Logging in and out of MSN to notify your crush that you’re online.

5. Dedicating soap flowers to your crush

Anonymously, of course – because you don’t want them to think that you’re a freak.

6. Getting your friend who is friends with your crush for your crush’s number. Then ask your friend if your crush has said anything about you

Ahh, old times. At least you won’t get rejected face-to-face if the person doesn’t feel the same way about you, right?

7. Calling your crush with your house number and not saying a word

Worse if his parents were the one who answered the phone. Hang up, hang up, hang up!

8. Throwing pebbles at your crush during ‘perhimpunan’

But you needed to be careful as to not hit their eyes, or you might ruin your chances forever.

9. Or paper rockets

10. Exchanging ‘notes’ during class

You’ll know what death means if you get caught by the teacher.

11. You know you’re one step closer to your crush if you become ‘abang angkat’ and ‘adik angkat’

It’s either that, or you’ve just landed yourself in the friend zone.

12. Asking for your classmates’ ‘biodata’

In all honesty, you actually just want an excuse to ask for your crush’s details without looking like a stalker. Thank God for Facebook!

13. ‘Main ‘tarik tudung’ or basically anything to tease them

Old people use to say that if you keep fighting with each other, you’ll end up together. NOT TRUE.

14. Checking your crush’s horoscopes compatibility with yours

Remember those days when you would read a magazine just to check the horoscope segment?

15. If you have too many crushes, just let your friend read your palm to predict your fate

Not only will you get to choose the best suitor for you, but you’ll also know if you’ll be rich or poor together!

Not only will you get to choose the best suitor for you, but you’ll also know if you’ll be rich or poor together!