10 Ways To Look Fresh With The No “Makeup” Look

Writer: Farah Karim

Isn’t it weird that we want to wear makeup but don’t want to make it look too obvious? They say that less is more but does that apply to makeup?

The struggle here is that we want to look like the best version of ourselves while trying to avoid looking like a 1950s tai tai. No “makeup” makeup is basically focusing on the basics of makeup and how you apply the product rather than focusing on the number of products. Not only is it easy on the wallet, but also is easier done than you expect! Don’t worry, just read below because we’ve cracked down the tips and tricks that you can use to flaunt the best version of yourself.

Source: Dids/Pexel

1. Your skin is your canvas

While makeup can be used to hide blemishes, you can’t hide everything. This look is all about glowing, natural skin. Easiest way to get that? Actually have glowing, natural skin. Depending on your skin type, different products work differently for you but the idea is to have the skin be looking as moisturised and supple as possible! Products like sheet masks are the way to go and all you have to do is leave it on for 15-minutes once a week.

2. Prime time!

Once you get an ideal canvas, the next step is to make sure your skin looks as smooth as possible. For this? Primer!

Depending on your skin concerns, you might want to go for a pore filling primer that will avoid any clogging thick foundation. With a base-anchoring and illuminating primer, you’ll be able to add some shine and hydration on the surface. What you want is a dewy, glass-skin effect rather than cakey and floury.

3. The base

Thick, full coverage foundations are not the way to go. What you want to do is make sure it looks convincingly like ‘skin’. It’s fine if you have any blemishes, redness and imperfections! The emphasis here is on looking natural and fresh. Most full coverage foundations won’t give you that dewy look so something light and silky will enhance rather than conceal your complexion.

4. Careful with the concealer

If you’re still concerned about your blemishes and you’re thinking of using concealer, do it sparingly. Use a lightweight, hydrating concealer by blending it with your fingers will let the product melt in your skin instead of letting it just sit on top.

Spot-applying concealer rather than masking the face in something heavier is all that you need! The key is to make sure the best parts of face stand out. This way, you’ll be able to direct their attention away from the blemishes and more on what makes you beautiful.

5. Don’t bypass blusher

With all the concealer and foundation, it’s easy to hide the healthy and peachy glow that your face naturally exudes. Instead of the powder blush that might give your face a layer of cakey-ness, try a cream blush to the apple of your cheeks. It won’t look powdery and will comes off as natural due to its texture. Like the concealer, apply using your fingers!

Source: Anete Lusina/Pexel

6. Highlight

To add another dimension of dewiness to your face, try using a light cream highlighter instead of the traditional shimmery highlights. Not only will it blend in with the other cream products on your face but also show-off those high cheekbones and the supple cheeks. It’ll look like a natural dew on the skin!

7. Eyebrows are an investment

According to beauty coach Lina Cameron, she says “Nothing does more to frame the face than your eyebrows, so make sure you regularly see a specialist to shape your brows to keep them looking natural and beautiful,”. You don’t want overly thin or thick brows that look like they’ve been shaped. The idea of looking fresh is to also to look natural. Embrace your bush and unruly eyebrows.

8. Mascara: Cop or drop

The main star is your skin and to do that, you need to go light on the mascara. Or, even opt out of it altogether. The kind of mascara you’re looking for is one that lightly opens your eyes without making it look too heavy. Simply just curl your lashes and apply either a light black mascara or a brown one to highlight your natural lashes.

9. Tint your lips

MLBB (My Lips But Better) is the look you want to emulate here. Lip tints are light to the eyes but also gives your lips that natural flush after eating a popsicle. If you’re not keen on the sticky, icky feel of lip tints, why not try matte lip tints? They’re subtle enough to make it a MLBB look and won’t bother you throughout the entire day.

P/S: Most matte lip tints last longer too! No worries about smudges while you’re eating.

10. Nail natural-looking liner

While you might be tempted to go on with the winged eyeliner look you’ve been sporting for the longest time, doe-eyes are the look you want to go for. Using a soft black or brown pencil eyeliner will help you achieve that bright-eyed look. It’ll make the lashes look naturally fuller and it gives your eyes a subtle definition without coming off as wearing eyeliner.