10 Things Your Mom Always Said But Never Hit You Till 25 Y/O

Growing up, our mom have scolded  told us all kinds of things. As stubborn kids, we used to ignore our moms advice. That is until we grew up and realised the importance of every word that comes out from our moms. As classic as the line goes, mother’s do know best! Here are 10 lines our moms used to say but never gave two f**ks about till 25 years old.

1. “Sleep early!” 

Back then you never actually cared much about sleep. We used to sleep at 2am, 5am, heck we can even go a day without sleep! But now, at the age of 25 years old? All you want is SLEEP!

2. “Friends don’t last, family is forever”

When we were teens, friends seemed to be the most important thing in the world. You’d do anything for them, to which your mom will say, your friends won’t be with you forever. Now, you can count with your fingers how many friends stuck by you during your hard times.

3. “Don’t go out late at night. It’s not safe!”

Did you rebel when your mom didn’t allow you to go out late at night? She’ll scold you, telling you that it’s unsafe for you to go out… Yet in your head, you’ll think she just wants to cage you. But now, as you scroll through the news, the world seems like a scary place to be in.

4. “Messy room, messy life”

Moms used to give us hell for being lazy in making our beds and cleaning our rooms. Now that you’re grown up, you understand why because that messy room is a reflection of your messy life.

5. “You can’t even wash your own panties but itchy to find boyfriend”

If you had listened to your mom, then you probably wouldn’t have to go through all those foolish heartbreaks. Ugh, you could’ve focused more on your studies and gotten a scholarship to an Ivy League somewhere! But then again, you get to experience heartbreak at an early age, which means that you’re more cautious of relationship highs and lows.

6. “Don’t give your heart completely to one guy”

Or don’t fall head over heels with just one guy. Well we’ve all experienced puppy love and cried over it, thinking we’re never going to heal from that heartbreak. Looking back at it now, what were you thinking being together with that douchebag!

7. “Find someone who loves you more”

You somehow never agreed with mom on this because you think love happens both ways. But there’s always one who loves the other more. When someone loves you more, they’re less likely to cheat and hurt you.

8. “Get a rich man so you don’t have to work hard”

Then moms would joke for us to get a rich husband. Naively you disregarded her thoughts – now you crack jokes with your girls about looking for a sugar daddy.

9. “Make sure you have savings every month”

Now you regret not having any savings at all. You can almost have a heart attack at the end of every month.

10. “When I die then you’ll know”

A classic mom line when we ignore whatever she says. In the end, we only learned to appreciate her when we’re living alone. Everything she’s did was out of love. Happy Mother’s Day!