10 Couple Tattoos (That Would Work Individually)

You and your SO are getting ready to settle down and make things official by, finally, getting tattoos together! If you’ve been entertaining the idea of couple tattoos – about where you should get it done, what you should get, how big it should be and so on – you would have weighed the pros and cons of it. Just deciding to get a tattoo can be a challenge in itself, much less couple tattoos! That’s because couple tattoos, while adorable, can be dangerous – even more so if they happen to be matching tattoos. What if, as time goes on, you both grow out of the design? What if (touch wood) you break up? 


Whether you want to go big or keep it simple, we’ve got 10 tattoos that look amazing as a set (and just as amazing individually!).


1. Geek Out

Getting matching tattoos of characters or icons from movies and cult classics that you both love (i.e. Star Wars, Harry Potter) can be an easy way to ease into the idea of “couple tattoos”. 



2. A Slice Of Love

Are you willing to give up the last slice in the box for him/her? If so, that’s true love right there. And if things go south, you don’t have to worry about being judged, because who doesn’t love pizza?



3. Lost in Time

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Compass x clock ⏱ -두분의 첫만남일인 10월6일을 시간으로 표현원하셔서 도안제작해드렸습니딩 곧 결혼하신다능.. 예쁜사랑하세용💕 11-12월 반값할인 이벤트중 더많은 작업을위해 착한 가격에 작업합니다. 미성년자 안되요! 1인1도안 편하게문의주세요. insta👉🏽 DM문의 E-mail👉🏽 [email protected] openkakao👉🏽 https://open.kakao.com/o/sQ5WJQ4 insta👉🏽 sini__tattoer kakaotalk👉🏽 aa01 facebook👉🏽 http://www.facebook.com/Emmmue

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This beautiful clock/compass combo depicts the time & date that this couple met (if you both are romantic like that).


Or you could go with a more classic design that will still work should you two decide on going in different directions.



4. Arrow To The Heart


If you and your SO don’t want to commit to something big, these cute arrow & heart symbols could be just the thing for you! Together, you’ve been shot by cupid’s arrow; apart, you’ve got awesome little ink.



5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

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Nature-inspired matching tattoos are great because of how aesthetically pleasing they can be on the skin. Whether you prefer something plant-inspired or terrain inspired, you’re bound to look good together or apart. Talk about peak coolness!



6. Anchor Me Down

Photo from Pinterest

Anchor tattoos are diverse in meaning. As a couple tattoo, they can represent being anchored together. As an individual tattoo, it can be a reminder to stay grounded. Could this design be what you needed to seas the opportunity?



7. It’s in the Stars

Couple tattoos don’t necessarily have no match, nor do you have to get each other’s preference on your skin. It is okay to both get tattoos with the same theme, in your own designs, as these two did with their Scorpio & Cancer constellations.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get to inking!