Beauty Superstition: Wash Face With Period Blood For An Acne-Free Skin?

Malaysia is the definition of a country that’s truly Asia — we are not only famous for our food, but also for our colourful cultures.

Our country is mixed with people of different races, religions as well as backgrounds, and one is definitely bound to grow up with different beliefs and superstitions. Pretty sure you’ve heard things such as “Don’t write your name in red marker pen to avoid jinxing your luck,” or more fatal stuffs like, “Don’t cut your nails in the dark or you’ll die.”

Are all of these superstitions that our elders made us believe growing up true? Read on to find out:

1. Wash your face with your FIRST PERIOD BLOOD to avoid pimples

Yes, you read that right, it’s the FIRST menstrual blood of your menarche during your teenage years. This belief is quite popular in the Philippines in which they believe that washing your face with it will make your face pimple free.

Verdict: Researchers from Medistem has discovered that endometrial regenerative cells are plenty in period blood. This means that it’s rich with stem cells that reverse ageing, heal injuries, illness, and perhaps could even make a blood-tastic facial mask. Question is, would you be able to stand the stinky period smell for the sake of having a clear complexion?

2. Wearing ‘kajal’ wards off ‘evil eyes’

Indians believe that wearing ‘kajal’ (also known as kohl) wards off evil or ill thoughts, and this is especially crucial for babies. It can be applied as an eyeliner around the eyes or drawn on the forehead as a ‘pottu’.

Verdict: Not true. Ancient Egyptians, both men and women used to rim their eyes with kohl and the substance was believed to help minimize glare. Besides that, they believe that wearing kohl not only protects the eyes but also to beautify it.

3. Never place two mirrors directly opposite of each other, unless…

Unless you want to see something that you should not, like, ghosts – don’t place two mirrors facing each other. This is because mirrors are often believed to be gateways to Spirits.

Verdict: According to Feng Shui, placing mirrors that reflects each other challenges the energy as it creates imbalance and disharmony. Chinese Feng Shui only recommends the placement of two mirrors facing each other to create a corridor of “infinity” in offices or at the entry of a business, and not in your bedroom.

4. Breaking a mirror or using a cracked one will make you suffer 7 years of bad luck

Image result for broken mirror

The mirror superstition is definitely a belief that is shared around the world and not only in Asia. However, the common sense behind this may be a lot simpler than it seems.

Verdict: Mirrors used to be super expensive back in the day and therefore, considered as luxury items for the elites. If a servant were to break a mirror, the cost to pay it back would be for seven long years. Although, in this modern day, you’ll probably just receive a ‘rotan’ from your mom or listen to her nag all day long when that happens.

5. Pulling a strand of grey hair will cause three more to grow back

To ignore or to pluck? That is the question.

Verdict:  If you grew up believing this particular superstition, then the answer is to IGNORE. However, plucking is still bad as it can traumatize the hair follicle, which may cause infection, scar formation and possibly lead to bald patches.

6. Sleeping with your hair wet will make you blind

This may be the most unrealistic superstition because it doesn’t make any sense. In some provinces, it is said that if you sleep with wet hair, first you will be cross-eyed, then you will go blind.

Verdict: Sleeping while your hair is wet will not make you blind but it will ruin your pillows. It may also cause dandruff, hair breakage, and even headaches – but it will definitely not make you go blind

7. Stepping over a drain will make your vagina smell

We were as shocked as you when we first heard about this superstition. Apparently, this is a common belief amongst older generation of Malay women. Not sure if it’s true but hey, some people believe it!

Verdict: Whoever started this theory was probably just trying to prevent young girls from playing in the drain.

8. Never cut your nails at night – you’ll attract spirits

There are so many cultures which prevent from clipping nails during night time. For instance, Malays are told to avoid from doing so as it might make them poorer, while the Chinese said that it would attract evil spirits. Additionally, the Japanese think that this might lead to an early death.

Verdict: Back in the olden days, people did not have nail clippers and used a knife instead. Obviously, the technique was dangerous to do in the dark as it could be fatal if one was not careful.

9. Make a wish if an eyelash drops

The tradition of wishing on a fallen eyelash is common in both Eastern and Western countries. Wishers would place the fallen eyelash on the back of their hand, make a wish and then throw it over their shoulder. However, if the eyelash gets stuck, then their wish would not come true.

Verdict: Apparently, blowing away an eyelash protects the wisher from witchcraft and even the devil. It is said that the devil would try to collect as much human hair and eyelashes as possible to gain power over a person – so by blowing it away, the wisher would gain more power to get rid of the devil.

10. Combing your hair 100 times a day will make your hair beautiful

While daily brushing does improve blood circulation to the scalp, helps rid of dead cells and helps release sebum that keeps the scalp healthy, please remember to avoid from overdoing it.

Verdict: This theory exists because historians believe that the idea of brushing your hair a hundred times is not to improve its appearance, but to get rid of lice nits. In reality, the practice of this superstition will only weaken your hair shafts.

What do you think about these beauty-related superstitions? Do you practice or believe in any of them?  Let us know!