Just so you know, French kissing is an art. Stupéfiant!

The legendary actress is currently on set filming the latest Marvel movie

"This discussion is not just about the decriminalisation of suicide. This is also a plea for Malaysia to move more towards a compassionate society by destigmatising mental illness and safeguarding the interests of persons with mental illness and their families." 

The internet has some concerns over their friendship; in particular, their 20-year age gap.

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively regretted their decision to get married at a former plantation

Being in the spotlight means you're constantly put under scrutiny - yet Scha Elinnea stays strong in her ability to love herself past the negativity.

According to the famous singer, ‘’Tawakal’’ is the best way

It seems like TikTok is a stepping stone into the beauty community! If Trump really does ban TikTok, at least Addison Rae Easterling has her new beauty brand!

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